Have you ever thought

I’m not smart enough to understand the Bible?
or If I was a good Christian I would read and love the Bible?

Perhaps you've asked

What’s wrong with me, that I don’t know how to study God's Word?
or How am I supposed to learn how to study the Bible?

I've thought these same thoughts...

…and asked these same questions, so WELCOME, you have come to the right place!

We have worked hard to put together a site that is both inspirational and informative. Our ministry focus is God’s Word and helping others learn it, live it and love it. His Word is the solution to every problem, healing for every hurt, and answer to every question. Word Up longs to be that Bible study friend you’ve been looking for. Through our LIVE videos, Online Course, and other Resources, Word Up wants to feed your hunger for the Word and show you that you can understand the Bible.

Read Thru the Word Bible Study

Each Read Thru the Word study consists of four parts:

• Daily Reading in the One Year Chronological Bible (NLT)
• Daily video teaching
• Daily response journal
• Your participation

What can I expect from this study?

Read Thru the Word will exceed your expectations. The Holy Spirit longs to teach, correct, and train you in the truths of God’s Word. As you read, study, and obey “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). Our teaching staff works diligently to prepare daily lessons that will set the stage for the Holy Spirit to do His work.

We are so excited for you to begin this amazing adventure
with God and His incredible Word.

“RTW has been life changing to me. In past attempts to read the Bible I would give up thinking I just wasn’t smart enough to understand it. With Wendy’s teaching I have had an aha moment after EVERY reading."


"God’s Word is alive and active, and the Holy Spirit uses Wendy mightily to reveal His truths for me to know when I need to know them. Some days, I feel Wendy’s lesson is prepared and spoken just for me and feel especially touched by God and know that He cares for me."


“This is my first year to join RTW with Wendy and it has been an absolute pleasure. I have read the Bible thru a few times but not in this manner. I truly can’t wait to read daily and then watch and hear a word from Wendy herself. I encourage you to join as soon as you can!!”


“What started as a personal challenge three years ago has become my most treasured time with the Lord each day. Wendy has propelled me forward in my walk with Christ. I am forever grateful.”


"RTW has totally changed my life and my marriage. Spending time daily in God’s Word is the only way I know how to start my day, and since I’ve started my husband now joins me. I treasure our conversations and time discussing God’s Word! To know God is to love Him!”


What makes RTW possible?

We are able to offer the Read Thru the Word course completely free because of the generosity of our donors. We prayerfully and humbly request a donation from each member but gratefully welcome any participant and donations of any value.

Sign up today and become a supporting member!

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