Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is Word Up Ministries a non-profit corporation?

Yes. Word Up Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that gratefully receives gifts and contributions. For questions regarding donations, don't hesitate to contact us at info@wordupministries.org.

Gifts support the work of Word Up Ministries, including Read Thru the Word in English and ASL. You can make a gift here.

What is the Word Up church affiliation or denomination?

Word Up Ministries is not affiliated with any particular denomination, and our staff represents various denominations.

How can I pray for Word Up Ministries and Wendy Pope?

We covet your prayers as we seek to teach the Word with authenticity and integrity, for support in accomplishing our ministry goals, and against the enemy who seeks to stop what the Lord wants to accomplish.

How is Word Up Ministries funded?

Word Up Ministries is supported by our generous donors and the resources we carry in our store.

Where is Word Up Ministries located?

Word Up Ministries is located in North Carolina.

The Team

Who is Wendy Pope?

For more information about our founder and RTW lead teacher, Wendy Pope, visit the About page here.

How do I purchase Wendy Pope's books and Bible studies?

Wendy's books and Bible studies, published through David C. Cook, are available at online retailers like Amazon.

Visit Wendy's store to view other books, Bible studies, and products.

Read Thru the Word

What Bible translation is used in Read Thru the Word?

The RTW Course uses the New Living Translation of the One Year Chronological Bible.

Should I start Read Thru the Word on January 1 or the current date?

The Read Thru the Word is a year-long course with daily lessons. However, you can begin the course whenever you are ready. All course lessons and information will be available to you immediately after signup.

How do I resume Read Thru the Word after missing days?

The course is about persistence, not perfection. If you miss days, read the current day and makeup missed days when possible.

Lessons are available for the entire year up to the current date.

Where do I report mistakes found in the teaching?

Contact us at info@wordupministries.org.